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Establised in 1997, as R-Tech Group, Ltd.,R-Tech is the leading Global Information Technology (IT)/Engineering services company. R-Tech is a MI state, US based company.

What We Do:

We are providing placement services to a diverse range of industries:We are providing information technology & engineering Consultants on contract basis to the organisations with complex technology and staffing needs. We have the people, vision, consultants, tools and experience that are needed to help maximise performance for the world's leading companies. Our management consultants work with clients to help them to succeed and meet their business objectives.

We are doing in-house projects and software development also. An effective technology system makes decision-making processes easier. We work with clients to help them improve their existing systems and select, customise and implement new systems that streamline business processes and gain a competitive edge. To find what works best for our clients, we review and evaluate various technology solutions. Working with them, we determine the most appropriate solutions for long-term results. Clients continue to receive our support through all phases of the project, from selecting the right package, to implementation, and on to post-implementation follow-up.

Our world-class consulting and technical services provide a "no-nonsense" support model. We understand each customer's goals and realise that there are additional requirements necessary to sustain the implementation of IT/Engineering solution


R-Tech, on many occasions has worked with clients on various cost reduction

R-Tech makes an absolute commitment to excellence in its contract

R-Tech's aim is: to work with clients for clients

R-Tech's services are based on 3 principles:

Cost Effectiveness, Customer Satisfaction and Quality

With a dedicated client relation focus R-Tech develops successful long-term relationships with Clients and offers the highest quality and cost effective services available.